Pashmin Art Publisher is an independent German publisher, specialising in art and photography books. Areas covered by Pashmin Art include different categories of contemporary art and academic art books. Depending on the market, Pashmin Art usually publishes its books and art catalogues in bilingual or trilingual editions, with English as the international language, and adding Chinese, Italian, German, Russian, Latvian, etc., languages where applicable.

Founded in 1990 by Nour Nouri, Pashmin Art Publisher is the leading publisher of bilingual or trilingual artbooks for emerging and established artists.

We have published art books which enjoy high-quality pictures of the art works and critical texts. Here, a high standard of quality both for the printed pictures and the text is reached in close collaboration with the artist.
      The first prerequisite for a high-quality art book is taking pictures which professional photographers do with special cameras. Then the complete layout is created with modern typography. Our art critics and art historians will write the relevant texts. The technical production of the book from initial steps to the pre-final print is controlled by us several times.

      Once the product meets the demands and ideas, the book is printed in offset.
      To achieve a rapid flow of information, art catalogs and flyers offer a description of the specific activities of the artist. Catalogues are designed based on the nature of the art fairs, exhibitions and creative periods of the artist.

      Apart from English as the international language of communication, depending on the location of the fair and the exhibition, the catalogue’s texts are also translated.
      All books are published with ISBN.

      Books will be provided on online shops like: Amazon.com, Amazon.de, Libri.de, Buecher.de, Buchkatalog.de, Booklooker.de, and various other online shops.

      At almost every conventional bookshop around the world you can order our titles at short notice.

      The books will be also registered on national library of Germany.

      The books will be accessible to all art lovers via www.worldcat.com.

      The books will also be advertised online on Global Art Magazine: www.globalartmagazine.com

      Since we are the publishing arm of Pashmin Art Gallery which organizes art events in Europe, the US and China and also participates in art events like international art fairs, the books published will be on display at these events at: contemporary art museums, international art fairs, art centers


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